FCP Emergency Trauma Bandage

The only 5-in-1 product to stabilise the injured and stop bleeding in all kinds of trauma models. Vallows direct compresses to be applied to any desired part of the body.


It is the latest innovation of the last 50 years in its class, a new first aid product for stopping traumatic bleeding injuries. It is the only elastic bandage with micron-level blood filtering elasticity that can be wrapped comfortably all over the body, to stop bleeding and to provide sterile sterile immobilisation of the wound area. Known worldwide as the Israel Bandage, this Emergency Trauma Bandage is the ideal solution for emergency interventions where every second counts.

It offers the possibility to apply compresses directly to any desired part of the body.

  • Woven with medical cotton
  • 100% stretchability of the elastic section
  • The cushion section is covered with polyethylene and viscose
  • Absorption of the liquid in the blood at a rate of 1cm 9 grams with the 30 micron filter in the pillow
  • Enabling the organelles in the blood to concentrate on the cushion surface
  • Increase the effectiveness of the natural coagulation mechanism with compresses
  • Non-adherence to the wound
  • Yara bölgesinin üzerine uygulanacak baskının direncini artırması
  • The presence of a plastic apparatus for changing the direction of the winding
  • Gerektiğinde nokta basısı yapması
  • Having a fixing apparatus that allows tourniquet making
  • Her türlü bölgede çok rahat bir şekilde sarılması
  • Radiolucent
  • Significant time / material savings in all applications
  • 5 years sterile, easy to open in 2 bags

Bandage including pre-wrap and compression products, secondary wrap, tourniquet and fixation apparatus.

  • FCP01  –  4’’
  • FCP02  –  6’’
  • FCP09  –  8’’


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