Fox Seal

This is a chest plug that is available for use by Special Forces pre-hospital Emergency Trauma doctors on request. The plug is a gel-like adhesive made of polyurethane.



It has a special, one-way permeable valve.

Compact Packaged Reliable Chest Seal

Foxseal Chest Seal is a pioneering occlusive wound dressing for the treatment of open chest wounds as a tool in preventing pneumothorax.

  • Compact, fits into first aid kits without folding.
  • Strong adhesion in extreme conditions.
  • Two in a package for ballistic wounds.
  • Simple, valveless design.
  • Wide and easy to use.

Other plug alternatives, when carried in kits, often fold and can lead to a permanent crease that can prevent a proper seal. Foxseal is compact in size to fit neatly into bags to prevent folding. It provides 2 plugs in the package to treat entry and exit wounds. Patient monitoring is vital in these types of injuries, and the design is a straightforward option for easy use with its no-cover design. The chest can be easily gripped with its easy-to-grab handles and securely resealed with its strong adhesive.

    • Sterile.
    • Latex-free.
    • Two in a package.
    • Durable packaging with 4 tear notches for easy opening.
    • For injuries up to a maximum length of 15 cm.
    • Strong adhesive that can be resealed.
    • Effective adhesive performance at -18 to +55°C.
    • Fits into compact bags without folding.
    • No valve.
    • Transparent design.


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